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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! If there is anything else you would like to know, please CONTACT US.

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Do you charge extra for travel?

All travel within the Republic of Ireland is included. We are available to hire outside of Ireland and the travel fees would then be dependent on the exact location.


Is it possible to make some changes to our video after the edit is complete?


Yes, we are happy to revise the final edit of the edit twice free of charge, as long as the changes are given to us before we send your files on USB via post. We will show you the video to make sure you are happy before sending the files out in post.


Can we request black and white portions of the video, or do you only deliver video in full colour?

Yes, while we film in full colour, we can create black and white video on request.


How soon will we get our wedding video?

Our teaser videos are usually ready within a week or two after the event, and the full videos are usually ready another two to four weeks after that.


What kind of equipment would you be using?

We use a 4k, cinematic camera and lenses, professional shotgun mic, lavalier mics for vows, industry standard video editing software, as well as sometimes using a small light for those important moments that might be a bit too dim to capture properly.


Do you need to keep the equipment plugged in?

No. We use portable devices that are battery operated, and have spare batteries on hand. However, there may be times that we will need to discreetly plug something in for charging if it is a particularly long day.


Can we make requests regarding the look of our wedding video?

Yes. If you are interested in a particular look for your video, please let me us know and we will do our utmost to make the video to your preferences.


What is the process for booking with Entwined?

Once you contact us, we will check our availability for your wedding date. If we are available, we will ask you for more details regarding your preferences, day plan, locations, etc. After this, we will send an agreement and ask for a two-hundred euro deposit (note: the remaining fee is due any time before the day of the wedding). Upon receiving this, we will confirm your booking with us. As we get closer to your big day, we will touch base with you again confirming all details and taking note of any necessary adjustments to the day plan. We then brief our team of your event to make sure all goes smoothly on the day!

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